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The Management of Immigration within Rhode Island

Immigration to the U.S. is handled by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, or USCIS. If you are planning on entering the country, have family members who want to come to Rhode Island, or need to change your immigration status, you will probably have to deal with the USCIS in Rhode Island throughout the process.

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No matter what your prevailing immigrant status is, you should examine your options to become legal in Rhode Island.

Whatever your situation, do not jeopardize your life further by talking to immigration officials in Rhode Island without the proper documentation already prepared.

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Rhode Island is situated along the eastern portions of the United States. It has the second highest population density of all U.S. states, although it has the smallest total area. There are no county governments in the state, as Rhode Island is divided into municipalities which oversee government matters for the state's 39 towns and cities.

As one of the older U.S. states, Rhode Island played a major part in the development of early American laws and government structure. Today it is often at the forefront of legal and legislative trends. For example, Rhode Island was the second U.S. state to abolish capital punishment. Out of the 50 states, Rhode Island has one of the most complex body of tax laws.

Rhode Island's highest court divisions are the Supreme Court of Rhode Island and the Superior Court. Below these levels, Rhode Island operates District Courts and Municipal Courts. Rhode Island's judiciary is distinct in that it also has a separate Worker's Compensation Court. Many landmark cases have been heard at Rhode Island's Supreme Court. An important Rhode Island case is Picard v. Barry Pontiac-Buick, Inc. (1995, often cited in law schools as the standard example of battery.

Lawyers in Rhode Island practice law according to strict professional standards and guidelines. This helps to boost the degree of professionalism for Rhode Island lawyers. Continuing Legal Education Programs help attorneys in Rhode Island sharpen their legal skills.

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