There are a number of ways to become an U.S. citizen for purposes of legally working and residing in Greendale, Indiana. The most common is being born in the United States. Anyone born within the United States or its territories becomes an United States citizen, provided the birth is registered with the appropriate authorities.

Greendale Citizenship Lawyers Understand the Naturalization Process

People who are not born in Indiana, or a different U.S. state may seek citizenship through the process of naturalization. Although naturalization procedures vary according to each applicant's circumstances, in general, one must qualify as a legal permanent resident, live in the U.S. for a specified time, successfully complete an U.S. law and history exam, and exhibit good moral character.

Greendale Citizenship Attorneys will Advise You With the Documentation

Individuals subject to outstanding removal orders may be denied U.S. citizenship. The process of immigration is a convoluted one. Greendale, Indiana Citizenship Lawyers can guide you through the intricacies towards your naturalization.