How do I Find a Permanent Visa Lawyer?

Non-citizens trying to enter the U.S. and establish themselves as a permanent resident will need to get a Permanent Visa or a Green Card to live in Fuquay Varina North Carolina.

There are several procedures that must be followed in order to legally get a Green Card or Permanent Visa.

Qualifying for a Green Card or Visa in Fuquay Varina NC

Getting a green card or a permanent visa is often the only possible path to citizenship for those not born in Fuquay Varina or the U.S. in general. Non-citizens whose immediate relatives are citizens of the U.S. may be able to expedite the Green Card/Permanent Visa process. However, even illegal aliens may be able to qualify for legal residence based on citizenship of immediate relatives or time spent living in the U.S.

Work with a Permanent Visa Lawyer in Fuquay Varina

Green cards and permanent visas are typically procured before entry into Fuquay Varina, NC.

It is possible to apply for a green card or permanent visa on your own; however, if you have any concerns you should consult a Fuquay Varina Green Card Lawyer who can help prevent delays in application processing.