U.S. citizenship can be acquired in a number of ways for inhabitants of Grand Forks, North Dakota. For instance, you can become an U.S. citizen if your birth was officially recorded in any U.S. state.

Grand Forks Citizenship Lawyers Know the Naturalization Procedure

Everybody that was not born in North Dakota, or a different U.S. state may seek citizenship through the procedure of naturalization. Naturalization requires an applicant to fulfill a number of general requirements, including a period of lawful residence and physical presence in the U.S., good moral character, understanding of the English language, and knowledge of U.S. history and government.

Grand Forks Attorneys Can Help You Prevent Citizenship Denial

Your Citizenship may be denied if you have been convicted of certain violent felonies, or if you are avoiding outstanding removal orders. The process is perplexing and should not be attempted alone. Grand Forks, North Dakota Citizenship Lawyers can provide advice and lead you on a path toward citizenship.