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Though Reno, Nevada is not situated on a United States border, the city is not immune to its own immigration issues. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a government agency that handles all matters pertaining to immigration and citizenship. These matters can be very complex, ranging from visas and green cards to the naturalization process and deportation issues.

Immigration Assistance in Reno

Reno is home to several well-known and experienced immigration lawyers that are available to answer any questions you may have regarding immigration. It is a common misperception that all issues involving immigration have to do with being in the U.S. illegally. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals with different types of nonimmigrant visas, who legally work in the United States on a daily basis.

For those who need it, help is available with the process of obtaining an H1B visa, green card, or assistance with the path to citizenship. There is also help available for families who have been separated and are in need of legal advice and representation. It is important to know and protect your rights, as a wrong turn with any number of immigration issues can alter the course of a person’s life. Contact a top Reno immigration attorney today.

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Life in Reno

Reno, with its casinos and closeness to several ski resorts is touted as the Biggest Little City in the World. It is Washoe County’s seat and located at the Northwestern portion of Nevada. The city has the largest population outside of the Las Vegas valley, with roughly 241,445 residents in 2015.

You can find a great number of local attractions in the midtown area, which include restaurants, well-known shops, and of course, world-renowned casinos that have been the city’s long-time bread and butter.

The National Automobile Museum in Downtown Reno boasts over 200 vintage automobiles. Animal Ark is host to cheetahs, rescued bears, and other wild species and is a favorite venue for children and adults alike. Local events in the city, such as Hot August Nights Street Vibrations, and the Cinco de Mayo festival serve as tourist magnets and local favorites. Aside from these, there is so much more to see in Reno.

Summers are exciting in Reno, as the city is in close proximity to Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, and the Truckee River. Enjoy boating, water sports, kayaking, tubing, and swimming when the weather turns warm. In addition to biking, Artown is held at Wingfield Park, and is a favorite among the locals. Lake Tahoe hosts the International Bike competitions during the warmer season. The pleasurable wind and kite surfing in Washoe Lake is also another treat visitors enjoy during the season.

Winters are not bleak in this part of the country. As many as 18 ski resorts are in the region, eight of which are nearby. Resort guests are free to choose from ice skating, snowshoeing, or riding snowmobiles.

Reno’s top employers include the state’s oldest and largest institution, namely the University of Nevada-Reno, Washoe County School District, International Game Technology, Atlantis Casino Resort, and the Circus and El Dorado Joint Venture.

Reno is also the home of 13 geothermal industries. Additionally, Nevada is designated as being one of six Unmanned Aerial Systems’ national testing sites which creates economic stability throughout the state. These ever-evolving industry developments make way for creating jobs for its residents and also maximize the city’s revenues by raising the quality of life for its workforce and population as a whole.

Property values in Reno are increasing as its population is growing. A few years ago, it was included in the list of the 10 most livable cities in the United States, in the mid-sized city category. The gaming industry is not the only source of income for the city. With the healthcare, startup businesses, and tech-based industries that have grown and flourished in Reno, the city’s future is bright.

Another quality that many Reno residents and future residents find attractive, is a lessened tax burden. There are no personal or corporate income taxes in Nevada. These factors played a crucial role to the state’s incredible growth from the 1990’s towards the start of the new millennium.

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