Both legal and illegal immigrants may be subject to deportation for a variety of reasons from Pickerington Ohio.

Deportation Avoidance in Pickerington Ohio

A growing trend is that immigrants are being deported or removed after an arrest or conviction from a criminal charge not related to their citizenship status. Many times, people are also deported or removed for merely being in the United States illegally. If you are facing deportation from Pickerington OH, you should read about your rights.

Legal Immigrants May Get Deported from Pickerington OH

Legal and illegal immigrants alike face possible deportation for some felonies in Pickerington, OH.

Violent felonies and most drug charges can be grounds for deportation or removal. Misdemeanor crimes of moral turpitude, such as theft or fraud, also may be grounds for deportation or removal. Contesting deportation or removal is possible.

If you have resided in the U.S. for over 7 years, or if you are seeking asylum in the country, you may be able to avoid deportation or removal. Additionally, some cities and states have enacted so-called safe harbor laws. These laws stop officials from reporting persons to Immigration and Customs Enforcement so long as federal law does not mandate disclosure. After completing an online intake report, Pickerington OH Deportation or Removal Lawyers will look over your case and respond with a possible plan for you.