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The issues associated with immigration have become a hot-button topic across the United States. There are many facets to immigration that apply outside of border states, and that also affect communities nationwide. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is no exception. With its job opportunities, affordable housing options, and diverse population, the city of Myrtle Beach continues to attract immigrants from across the globe.

Immigration has always been an important part of American culture and history. For those who have been unfairly denied the right to legally work or live in South Carolina, legal assistance is available. The path to citizenship can be complex, which is why consulting an immigration attorney is especially important.

Myrtle Beach is home to an impressive list of highly-qualified immigration lawyers and law firms. With its diverse culture, immigration attorneys in this area have an expansive background in the law and can assist with matters dealing with citizenship, green cards, family separation, visas, deportation, and more. If you are dealing with any issues pertaining to immigration, you should contact a Myrtle Beach attorney as soon as possible.

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Life in Myrtle Beach

The city of Myrtle Beach in Horry County, is located at the core of the Grand Strand, a beach stretching 60 miles along the northeastern coast of South Carolina. The city ranks second among the country’s fastest developing metropolitan areas.

With a population of around 32,240 in 2016, it is one of the leading tourist destinations in South Carolina and the entire United States. With its warm, subtropical environment that attracts visitors of about 14 million annually, Myrtle Beach is an idyllic beach town. According to the Google Consumer Survey of 2016, the beaches surrounding the city are top tourist destinations in the U.S.

Myrtle Beach has a thriving economy which names Horry County School District as its top employer. Other businesses and establishments that follow suit are the Grand Strand Regional Medical Center, Precision Southeast, Inc., Metglas, and Coastal Carolina University.

While there are industries where the city naturally derives its income, tourism is an ever-growing industry that brings in a generous amount of revenue. There is a huge scope of opportunity for people who opt to work in the tourism industry and take on supervisory or management positions. There are around 75,000 tourism jobs in Myrtle Beach that attract would-be residents all year round.

People don’t just visit for vacation; some of them stay for good. This is mainly because of its vacation-style atmosphere that you cannot obtain from other metropolitan cities. A variety of water sports await adventurous individuals ranging from boating and fishing to jet skiing. A golfer’s paradise, the city is home to excellent golf courses, some of which were designed by famed architects.

Myrtle Beach allows easy access to restaurants, entertainment, the sun, and the sea. Prices of housing are at a low 73.9% from the median average of 100%, as compared to New York City’s 451.4% average. Investing in real estate is an attractive option as properties can be acquired at a low price, but can sell for much more.

Life in Myrtle Beach is not only warm due to its average annual climate of 74˚F, but the warm demeanor of people in this region is that of genuine Southern hospitality. With friendly locals everywhere you go, you are guaranteed a pleasant vacation throughout your stay. Plus, with 215 sunny days a year, you are bound to get a healthy dose of vitamin d while relaxing on the 60 mile stretch of white sand beaches.

Myrtle Beach State Park hosts a crabbing event each year for locals and visitors alike. If you love getting your hands dirty or have never been, reserve a day to experience the excitement of pulling in your own crabs. Tours of the Waccamaw River are also popular day trips, and the Broadway Grand Prix offers fun for the entire family. Of course, the iconic SkyWheel, Family Kingdom, and the Children’s Museum will leave the kids giddy with joy.

To top it all off, Myrtle Beach has surprisingly low taxes that are synonymous to its low cost of living. Along with the quality of life found in this relaxing beach city, you may have just found the best place to invest, live, and retire.

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