No matter your status as a legal or illegal immigrant, you can be deported or removed for many different reasons from Lynchburg Tennessee.

Understanding How to Avoid Deportation from Lynchburg Tennessee

Most commonly, people are removed or deported after they have been arrested on unrelated criminal charges. However, officials may deport or remove persons based solely on the fact that they lack sufficient authorization to be in the country. If you have been arrested or face deportation from Lynchburg TN, your best bet would be to learn about any remedies you may have.

Both Legal and Illegal Immigrants May Face Deportation from LynchburgTN

Some crimes carry deportation or removal as a possible punishment, even for individuals legally in Lynchburg, TN.

In most situations, immigrants are deported for violent felonies as well as drug charges. However, there is a growing trend that even minor offenses can be grounds for deportation if the crimes involved moral turpitude.

Immigrants may seek the protection of "safe harbor" laws that direct state and local officials to not report individuals to the U.S government unless compelled by federal law. Immigrants who have resided in the U.S. over 7 years may also be able to seek asylum. Present your case today and Lynchburg TN attorneys will evaluate your case and respond to you with a course of action.