No matter your status as a legal or illegal immigrant, you can be deported or removed for many differing reasons from Cedar Park Texas.

Understanding How to Prevent Deportation from Cedar Park Texas

In most instances, a person is Deported after an arrest or conviction from a criminal charge, despite the charge not being related to their citizenship status. As well, Deportation also occurs for merely being in the United States illegally. If you are about to be deported from Cedar Park TX, you should become acquainted with your rights.

Crimes May Result in Deportation from Cedar Park TX

Legal and illegal immigrants alike face possible deportation for certain felonies in Cedar Park, TX.

For instance, one may be deported or removed based on a drug-related offense, a violent felony charge, and some other crime involving "moral turpitude," including fraud or stealing. There are a number of ways to contest deportation or removal proceedings.

Individuals who are in the United States for over 7 years or have reasons to seek asylum in the United States may be able to prevent being deported or removed. Some cities and states also have "safe harbor" laws that encourage state and local officials not to report individuals to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unless Federal laws specifically compel them to. If you present your case via LegalMatch's intake system, Cedar Park TX Deportation or Removal Lawyers will look over your case and respond with a proposed plan for you.