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Eau Claire is one of the most vibrant cities for Immigrants in Wisconsin. Eau Claire provides its inhabitants with affordable housing, employment opportunities, and legal resources.

If you are looking to establish legal residency within the state, you should become familiar with the process of receiving citizenship in Eau Claire WI.

Eau Claire Wisconsin Immigration Information & the Law

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, also known as the USCIS, is the main handler of the federal law that covers immigration.

There are different paths to legal residency in Eau Claire, WI.

Because of the workload that is placed on the USCIS, it is essential that your application be full and complete the first time you submit it. If it is not, you risk not becoming a legal resident of Eau Claire Wisconsin.

If you fail to provide complete information regarding your immigration status, the USCIS may decline your request for United States Immigration.

Ensure that you have the best chance of becoming a citizen, get the help of an accomplished Immigration lawyer today.

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Life in Eau Claire

Eau Claire is located in west Wisconsin, and is part of Eau Claire County.  It is home to approximately 66,000 people.  An interesting fact is that Eau Claire was one of the first Tree Cities to have been recognized.  Also, in 2007 America's Promise named Eau Claire as one of the 100 best communities for young people.

Top employers include Hutchinson Technology, IDEXX Laboratories, Midwest Manufacturing and Open-Silicon.  The legal industry also has a presence to support the needs of small and large corporations in Eau Claire.  Small law offices and mid-size law firms train competent attorneys to provide excellent legal services to the city's residents.

Famous athletes have, at one time or another, called this city home.  Such athletes include Hank Aaron, Jake Dowell, Mike Hintz, Herm Johnson, Vic Johnson, Paul Menard, Sis Paulsen, Ralph Pond, Brad Radke, Bill Schroeder, and Jerry Wunsch. 

All in all, Eau Claire is a wonderful place to visit or call home!

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