Fiancé Visas allow individuals to visit the United States and marry an U.S. citizen resident of Cape Canaveral FL.

The laws that govern these visas require that the couple provide proof of an engagement or a contract to marry, and that the two parties must have met at least once within the previous two years.

File a Fiancé Visa Petition in Cape Canaveral Florida

All fiancé petitions are required to be filed in the United States. If you plan on living in Cape Canaveral all of your immigration papers need to be filed at the relevant regional USCIS office. The address for this office can be found on your current form, or you can also ask a local immigration lawyer.

Since the fiancé is also an immigrant, the fiancé must meet some of the requirements of a normal immigrant visa.

Amending Your Fiancé Visa Application After Marriage

Once the fiancé petition is complete and your fiancé has entered the country, the marriage must happen within 90 days. After getting married, the immigration application may change their status to reflect their marriage to an U.S. citizen. Experienced Cape Canaveral, FL Fiancé Visa Lawyers can assist you by simplifying this complicated process.