Under U.S. immigration laws, authorities may deport or remove legal and illegal immigrants under a number of reasons from Caro Michigan.

Preventing Deportation from Caro Michigan

In most instances, a person is Deported after an arrest or conviction from a criminal charge, despite the charge not being related to their citizenship status. As well, Deportation also occurs for merely being in the United States illegally. If you are about to be deported from Caro MI, you should read about your rights.

Crimes May Result in Deportation from Caro MI

Authorities can deport or remove immigrants on a variety of grounds -- even those who are legally residing in Caro, MI.

In most cases, immigrants are deported for violent felonies as well as drug charges. However, there is a growing trend that even minor offenses can be grounds for deportation if the crimes involved moral turpitude.

Immigrants may seek the protection of "safe harbor" laws that suggest state and local officials to not report individuals to the U.S government unless compelled by federal law. Immigrants who have resided in the U.S. over 7 years may also be able to seek asylum. Present your case today and Caro MI Deportation or Removal Lawyers will review your case and propose a legal plan of action.