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U.S. citizens engaged to a non-national may apply for a FiancÚ visa, which permits a non-citizen entry to the U.S. in order to marry a resident of Las Cruces NM.

The laws that control these visas require that the couple provide proof of an engagement or a contract to marry, and that the two parties must have met at least once within the previous two years.

File a Fiance Visa Petition in Las Cruces New Mexico

A fiancÚ petition must be filed within the United States; these cannot be filed abroad. Even though you plan to live in Las Cruces all of your immigration paperwork must be filed at the regional USCIS office. Your immigration forms will have the correct address for the office that you will need to visit, or a local immigration attorney can point you in the right direction.

After you have submitted the petition, the process will begin. Because the person seeking to enter the U.S. is still an immigrant, he or she must still meet the requirements for a regular visa.

Modifying Your Fiance Visa Application After Marriage

Once finished and when your fiancÚ has entered the country, the wedding must take place within 90 days. After this is done an applicant can alter their immigration status to reflect their marriage. Reputable Las Cruces, NM FiancÚ Visa Attorneys can help to reduce the confusion associated with this complex process.

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USCIS New Mexico Office Locator

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